Marnie Grundman




Buy a Mask Gift a Mask 

Love Marnie’s buy a Mask GIFT a Mask delivers masks every month directly to our neighbours who are experiencing homelessness.

Buy 3 GIVE 3

Buy 3 GIVE 3

Buy 1 Give 1

Buy 1 Give 1


Feed Our Neighbours

Love Marnie's Feed Our Neighbour's program delivers restaurant gift cards

every month to our neighbours who are experiencing homelessness.  

Gift cards provide more than “just” a meal; they provide a moment of shelter and bathroom access.


The Love Marnie HOLIDAY GIV(ft)ING project provides backpacks on wheels filled with NEW essentials (as well as a few little “luxury items"). The items are collected throughout the year and delivered on Christmas Day by the Love Marnie street team. This project provides so much more than new essentials, it also provides human contact ... conversation and connection, on a day when so many people would otherwise be completely alone. 

"The common impression we all shared and felt deeply was the profound and sincere gratitude that all the recipients conveyed to us.

We kept hearing: 'Is this is all for me? There’s also a gift card? This is my only Christmas present'."

~ Love Marnie Street Team volunteer


Not sure which initiative you would like to support? Make a donations and let us designate the funds to the project that needs it the most. Love Marnie projects are not only created to give much needed items to our neighbours experiencing homelessness - they are designed to Share LOVE through human connection. As a youth who lived on the streets Marnie would not just go days without food, she spent days in isolation .. people walking by without a glance … days without any conversation … GIV(ft)ING brightens a life in ways that far outlasts the product being GIV(ft)ED. 


Marnie Grundman

We feel fortunate that Marnie has come to share her moving account of her life as homeless 13-year-old several times with our donors. She gives a face to the experience of a vulnerable young person on the street, and she offers her testimony with an open, generous spirit.Marnie will engage and inspire your audience, and offer them a story they will not soon forget.

Stacey Carcao

 Manager, Events

 Covenant House Toronto 

Marnie Grundman is an author, speaker and activist who has been featured on over 100 major television and radio shows in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Missing at the age of 13, Marnie spent years living on the streets where she experienced the worst of humanity first-hand. In her darkest hours, while living in an apartment complex sauna, she was sure that everyone who knew her had forgotten that she even existed. It was in those desperate hours that she decided she was paying up front for a better life that lay ahead. From this dark moment, she found the courage to break free and forge a life for herself with dignity and grace.

Marnie’s mission is to break the stereotypes related to runaways and people experiencing homelessness and is a fierce advocate for the missing. Working to change the perception of runaway children so they might finally get the help they desperately need, she speaks on a variety of topics related to child abuse, sexual assault, runaways, homeless youth, human trafficking, healing from trauma and resilience. 

Marnie’s personal experience as a runaway youth who lived through homelessness gives her the ability to share first-hand insight and lived experience that touches and inspires her audience. She possesses a candid vulnerability that allows her to connect on a deep level with her listeners. 

Marnie had the audience captivated instantly ... you

could hear a pin drop. That's quite the feat when you're speaking to over 250 guests.