Love Marnie


Love Marnie is a not-for-profit organization focused on the prevention of youth homelessness and human trafficking.

It is our mission to protect and save youth in need, to save their childhoods, and give them a brighter present and future.



A world where our youth are safe and supported

A world where homelessness and human trafficking no longer exists 

A world where every child has a soft place to fall

Join #LoveMarnie and lead the charge against youth homelessness and human trafficking. #SaveChildhood

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Love Marnie’s buy a Mask GIFT a Mask program delivers masks every month directly to our neighbours who are experiencing homelessness.


Love Marnie's 100 Meals a Month delivers 100 restaurant gift cards

every month to our neighbours who are experiencing homelessness.  

Gift cards provide more than “just” a meal; they provide connection, a moment of shelter and bathroom access.


meet Marnie

Once a homeless teenager, Marnie Grundman stepped off of the streets and transformed her life to become an author, public speaker, activist and artist. Marnie has been featured on over 100 major television and radio shows in Canada, the United States and Europe. 


 A child who belonged to no one, missing at the age of 13, Marnie spent years living on the streets where she experienced, first-hand, the worst of humanity.  In her darkest hours, taking shelter by hiding and living in an apartment complex sauna, she was sure that everyone who had once known her had forgotten that she even existed. It was in those desperate hours that she decided she was paying up front for a better life that lay ahead.

Marnie founded the Love Marnie nfp., to #savechildhoods and to break the cycles of #youthhomelessness and #humantrafficking. 

Photo credit: Ramy Arida

Within a youth's first 2 - 48 hours on the streets they will be approached by a predator.

One-third will be lured or recruited into human trafficking.

Marnie is available for: Television | Radio | Interviews | Spokesperson | Event MC Retreats Workshops | Conferences | Panel Discussions | Consulting Training - Sensitivity - Prevention - Intervention | Youth Groups | Schools 



TEDX TALK | “Nothing Bad Happens Behind Pretty Doors" Adaptive resilience 

KINDNESS | The power of one

HEALING | The gift of grieving
HABITUAL RUNAWAY | Sensitivity training

HUMAN TRAFFICKING | Hidden in plain sight
YOU ARE NOT ALONE | Youth workshop - Focus runaway prevention | Human trafficking awareness











Ready to be inspired? Send an email to book Marnie here.