4 Ways You Set Yourself Up For Life Failure (Without Realizing It)

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For the record, I do believe in the powers of the universe. I believe the world is round and what we put forward will come back around, and either tap us on the shoulder or kick us in the butt.

But sometimes, when you don't understand how to be more positive or use positive affirmations to your advantage, you end up setting yourself up for failure. And not only does it affect your relationships, but your personal life and success as well.

Once you realize the difference between positive affirmations and negative talk, you can start re-building your self-esteem and start being successful in all areas of your life.

1. You believe there's a magic answer for all the problems in your life.

This thing so many of us do, where we bury our heads somewhere and not discuss real life issues that need to be improved upon, is absurd. What we think and how we conduct ourselves impacts ours lives. Is that the universe? Or, is it simply cause and effect?

Just because we complain about something or express one or two negative thoughts, it doesn't mean all will come to fruition. If that were the case, we'd all be billionaires with perfect bodies and relationships.

If thoughts had the magic of a genie in a bottle, our enemies would be suffering (unless their wishes were granted first), and our lives would be perfect.

2. You create negative things with negative thinking.

Guilty as charged: I'm guilty of telling my friends and family, "Careful; don't put that out into the universe." My intention isn't to avoid the negative topic; it's only to make them aware that thoughts are things, and to not get sucked into a negative abyss.

3. You don't deal with life.

And therefore, you don't truly live as a result. Discuss away and then reset. We have to deal with real life. We have to air out the demons of the day to resolve our issues. Your universe, your vessel, needs to let go to move forward and toward success.

4. You don't listen to the most powerful person in your universe: you!

Oh, the mantras: "I'm a love magnet" and "Money comes easily" are great, but without work, drive, and dedication, no money is going to fall from the sky. Without putting yourself out there, love isn't going to come knocking on your front door.

Marnie Grundman is an author, spokesperson, TEDxSpeaker, and writer. For more information, visit her website.

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