If a School LOST One CHILD Every Week...

What would you do?


Did you know ...

In 2017 in Kansas alone, there are 79 foster CHILDREN that the news media discovered to be missing from Child Protective Services.

Given the lack of home visits we have no way of knowing how accurate those numbers are. We have no way of knowing exactly how many foster CHILDREN are MISSING. We have no way of knowing how many checks are being paid to foster care givers who are not reporting deaths and disappearances. If home checks were recorded using a simple video conferencing system a HUGE gap would be closed. Recorded video conferencing would stop social workers from filing false home visit reports AND it would make it impossible for foster homes to benefit from the children who are not actually in their care.

For the CHILDREN that Kansas officials are disclosing as missing, the breakdown is as follows; as of December 19, 2017 the Kansas Department of Children and Families is supposedly searching for 79 children considered "absent without leave." 65 of these incredibly vulnerable foster children are categorized as runaways. (When officials were questioned about what was being done to find these missing children the response was that they were looking for some of them; they went on to say that some aren't REALLY missing because they had PROBABLY run back to the families they were take from.) One parent is THOUGHT to have left the country with one child. The only information they have provided for the 13 unclassified CHILDREN is that they also MAY be with relatives... It doesn't seem to be a big deal to CPS that there are 13 CHILDREN completely unaccounted for.


4600 foster CHILDREN and counting are MISSING! 4600 is only an ESTIMATE. Child "Protective" Services does NOT provide or track the actual number of children that go missing from care every year. They report that approximately 1 percent of foster children go missing nationwide every year. According to that average in the past five years, CPS has LOST over 21,000 children!

Where are their faces? There are ONLY 17 missing children posters on National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's website for Kansas. We have no way of knowing if even ONE of those children is a missing foster child.

Kansas is just one example. There is not one province in Canada or state in the US that consistently provides images or details for missing foster children to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's website.

How can we look for missing foster children if we have no faces? #4600AndCounting foster children are LOST by Child "Protective" Services EVERY year. How many more children have to be lost until we get involved and hold child welfare accountable?

Some of these children run away from abusive foster and group homes. Some are murdered at the hands of the people who are entrusted with their care.

MOST of these incredibly vulnerable children are not reported missing. Foster and group homes continue to collect checks for children who are no longer in their care. Case workers frequently do not report missing foster children to the police, and there are no photos or missing posters for us to even be able to look for them.

The laws surrounding the reporting of a missing child is very clear. CPS is REQUIRED to report a missing child/youth to the police within 24 hours of their disapearance no matter the circumstances. They are also REQUIRED to report missing children to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The police are REQUIRED to report the child to the FBI to be entered into their database within two hours of receiving the report without exception. Clearly this is not being done and when it is found that the child was not reported missing, the social workers and care givers are NOT held accountable.

On average, a child will be in care for 22 months the first time that they are taken into state custody; in that period, they will live in at least three different foster homes.

OVER 60 percent of children that are sex trafficked are in or were in the custody of Child "Protective" Services.

Within their first 2 to 48 hours on the streets, a child WILL be approached by an exploiter/predator. Foster children have been pre-groomed for predators because of their history of abuse.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 1 in 6 runaways end up being sex trafficked; 83 percent of children who run from social services make up that 1 in 6.

These children are EVERYONE's children. We need to step up and take responsibility for OUR missing children.

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