Once upon a time she was a missing child. A child who belonged to no one, a child of the streets. Missing at the tender age of 13, Marnie experienced the worst of humanity firsthand. She began running away at the age of five after her mother dropped me out of a two-story window. Two broken arms later Marnie was sent to live with her grandparents ... the creators of her mother. Marnie spent the rest of my childhood running away, until finally, at the 13, she stayed away for good. MISSING: A True Story of a Childhood Lost is a story of a young girl's survival, a woman's surthrival. It is a story of suffering, of healing, of rising up against all odds and discovering the power of the human spirit to heal and love. "I decided that I was going through this hell as a kind of pre-payment for a good life. From a very young age I always knew that better days lay ahead. Now I had an explanation as to why: I was paying up front. I decided that I was destined for greatness and I just had to power through.

Missing: A True Story Of A Childhood Lost



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